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A bespoke event management, entertainment and activation agency. Customised solutions with creative execution.

Jagged Promotions is a corporate event company situated in Johannesburg. We deliver cutting edge events across the country, coupled with world-class entertainment and state-of-the-art technology. We are continuously designing new event concepts and developing dynamic solutions to accommodate any given event climate.

With over twenty years of collective experience in the industry, our collaborative team are the best of the best across the board. We pride ourselves in delivering a completely customised event management solution for your brand, brief and budget.

At Jagged Promotions we are all about collaboration, innovation and activation, going above and beyond what is required to ensure your brand, your company, your event or your show stands head and shoulders above the rest.


Corporate Event Management
Corporate Event Company

Corporate Event Company


Putting any successful event together regardless of the size can be a stressful experience to tackle on your own. At Jagged Promotions we offer a full-service, turnkey event management solution. We love what we do and making the process seamless, stress-free and fun experience for our clients is just the cherry on top.

We offer a detailed step by step service, from creative conceptualisation of your event to securing the ideal venue. Styling, designing, inviting, decorating and hosting all follow effortlessly to culminate in your extraordinary event. Then sit back and relax and let us entertain you.

  • Conceptualisation & Styling
  • Venue Scouting
  • Artwork & Branding
  • Décor & Floral
  • Hostesses & Staff
  • Hospitality
  • Entertainment

Corporate Event Production Company


Jagged Promotions believes in the ABC of successful event entertainment and creating a big impact and lasting impression.

A: Audience First

The target market and the demographic are vital in deciding on a suitable entertainment lineup for your function. This is our strong point; we hand-select the performance mix to appeal to your specific audience.

B: Background, Bass, Break Dancing or Beat Boxing

Once the audience is established, your style of event dictates the style of the entertainment required. If hosting a cocktail function, a background singer or jazzy double bass may be most appropriate. A year-end function might require a big sound system to turn up the bass on the DJ. A sit-down gala dinner could require a stage show featuring dancers or a speciality act such as a beatboxer. We’ve got you covered, we know what works and how to put it together.

C: Clear Messaging

Entertainment can be used as an impressive tool to deliver a brand message, from product launches to award ceremonies. Performance art can tell a powerful story. We have successfully created many branding acts for our clients. One of our most successful specialities is the art of Shadow Dancing, which is a showstopper every time.

Corporate Event Production Company
Corporate Event Planning
Virtual Event Company
Virtual Event Solutions

Virtual Event Company


When COVID-19 arrived and large-scale physical events disappeared, virtual events became the buzz word on the event scene. Jagged Promotions was a front runner in offering virtual solutions. As the months have passed, we have honed our skills, service offering and professional studio facilities to provide world-class solutions. On-line event packages, video recordings, content creation, animation and live-streaming have become our most sought after offerings. Jagged Promotions is a one-stop-shop for anything you need in the virtual space.

We have taken it to the next level and included bespoke home delivery hospitality options and fun interactive elements such as virtual tastings.

  • Virtual Events
  • Satellite & Hybrid Events
  • Professional Studio Facilities
  • Live Streaming & Pre-recorded Video
  • Virtual Entertainment
  • Virtual Award Ceremony
  • Home Delivery Hospitality
  • Virtual Tastings


Take your virtual event to the next level!
Make your virtual event different.
Make your virtual event memorable.
Make your virtual event inter-active

#Jaggedpro has two new virtual services that are hot off the press and dressed to impress.

Video Production Services

Video Production

We specialise in the production of corporate and event media. Our expert services include filming, content creation and a wide range of post-production services. We do it all!

Virtual Tastings is Trending

Virtual Tastings

Let the fun begin! Customise a home delivery pack with a variety of nips and snacks. Then log online and join an exciting and inter-active virtual tasting with a mixologist in the studio.

Singing Telegram is Trending

Virtual Singing Telegram

Send your clients or loved ones a customised jingle performed by some of our professional singers.



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